Yan Yan

The strange and eccentric high elf Wizard Yan Yan has been roaming the land with his college friend Biggol Gubeyes as they seek to unfold the mysteries of the world around them. Yan Yan and Biggol founded the Black Goblet in hopes to fund their individual research projects and hopefully reach the heights of their youthful discoveries.

Biggol Gubeyes

Though short in stature and uncommon in appearance for a gnome, Biggol is a skilled Artificier with a knack for the undefinable. Biggol is the left brain to Yan Yan’s right brain, and together their mutual interest in the unexplained drove them to found the Black Goblet.


The origins of this handsome human Rogue remain a mystery, but his skill with words and a whip are undeniable. Quick to talk, and slow to anger, Daj has found a nice niche as one of the first employees of the Black Goblet.


Take just one look at the hulking frame of this half orc, and you’d assume he’s a Fighter. This time, you wouldn’t be wrong. Formerly a miner in the local salt mines, now he is the primary muscle for the Black Goblet. When he is not on duty, he also enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter when in Clifftide.


No one is quite sure how the gaunt, lanky, unreasonably tall half elf druid found himself in Clifftide, or even how he secured employment with the Black Goblet. Mattias’ tone is abrasive, his attitude poor and his skills yet to be determined. Only time will tell if he proves to be of any use to the rest of the group.